In his blog at, Nat's third baseman Ryan Zimmerman told readers of his favorite eateries in the Capitol region:

Speaking of DC, I thought I’d throw out a few of my favorite restaurants in the area. I love to eat good food (doesn’t everybody) and us young guys enjoy all different types of food when we’re on the road traveling. Hanrahan, Lannan, the other Zimm – all of us who aren’t married and don’t have families with us on the road figure what better way to spend our down time than eating. Haha. So here go my favorite spots in Arlington and DC:

Liberty Tavern
Restaurant 3
Even Tide

Capitol Grille
Sushi Taro

My favorite food: any steakhouse! (Prime Rib, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, Morton’s)

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  1. joseph burrell // June 18, 2013 at 6:25 PM  

    I read a little bit about Ryan Zimmerman on this site and I've gotta say that I learned somethings I did not know about him