City: Washington, DC and surrounding areas
Foodie: Ben Folsom, The Curly R

Venue: FedEx Field
Location: Raljon Landover, Maryland
Team: Washington Redskins

Greetings, Ben from Curly R here, the guys here at Fan Foodie asked me to come on the blog and write a bit about Redskins tailgating and food in Washington DC. At first I had a hard time figuring out what to write, not about the food, there is lots of good food in DC. The problem was the tailgating. You see, while many NFL cities have food traditions, brisket and ribs in Kansas City, bratwurst in Green Bay, wings in Buffalo, pierogies in Pittsburgh, crabcakes in Baltimore, you get get the idea, there is no real food tradition in Washington.

So then what do we do? On a gameday walk through the lot at FedEx Field you will find everything from burgers... pizza... chicken... steak and potatoes served up by a superfan... brats...

At FedEx Field there is even a full time staff of Eagles fans cook our food for us.

If you are looking for lighter fare you can find Twinkies and beer...

...or hot pretzels...
...and if you are feeling sluggish before the game you can snack on a Smack, cornerback Fred Smoot's energy bar.

Maybe if Fred had munched on a few more of these on gameday he would not have lost his starting spot but I digress.

(photo credit)

And of course there is plenty of booze.

So why is it that we have no real food traditions in Washington? Perhaps as a center of technology Washingtonians are preoccupied with staying plugged in...

(photo credit)

...or maybe Washington's nature as a transitory town full of latte-sipping, brie-eating, wine-swilling liberals prevents any traditions from taking hold, even after 70 years...

(photo by Mark Newgent)

...but more likely it is because we are a town full of self important Blackberrying douchebags.

If you were too busy drinking to eat outside the stadium you will want to get some food in you before you fill up on eight dollar beers...

...but alas these chefs are not cooking up the Hog worthy vittles. About the best you can do on the inside is Johnny Rockets...

...just ask them to hold the rats.


Well now the game is over and you have just witnessed the Redskins go on to another tight loss, you still need food and booze, so where do you go?

If you are uptown in Washington DC, no booze fueled game day is complete without a trip to Ben's Chili Bowl.

Opened in 1958 and located in the Shaw neighborhood, Ben's Chili Bowl was frequented by the likes of Miles Davis and Duke Ellington in 1950s segregated Washington. As Shaw's neighborhood fortunes sagged through the 70s and 80s Ben's hung on and now that Shaw is a hopping place to be it is not uncommon to see a late night line out the door for the messiest, sloppiest and goodinest chili covered half smokes in town.

(photo credit)

If you fall into the category of elitist football fans that needs a sit down meal, cloth napkins and top shelf bourbon, point yourself toward the White House and get a table at Old Ebbitt Grill.

(photo credit)

Do not wear your football jersey here, it may offend the senator in the next booth at this high-end establishment that dates back to 1856. Steaks, seafood, top shelf liquor and the most outstanding raw bar in Washington is what you will get here, Old Ebbitt has multiple varieties of oyster flown in daily. The crabcakes are insanely decadent and served over a corn macque choux and the servers do not write down your order. If you are staying overnight and hanging over the next morning Old Ebbitt has the best deep fried ham stuffed french toast and corn beef hash served in an iron skillet in all of Washington.

If a burger is what you are looking for then you cannot do better than Five Guys, the best burgers and fries in DC.

Five Guys is an all burgers all the time chain of joints first established in 1986 by the founder and his four sons, hence the five guys. For nearly two decades Five Guys was Washington local until they realized they had a formula, now there are more than 300 locations nationwide, all hewing to a strict formula of hand formed burger patties cooked well done, locally made buns and fries cut from Maine or Idaho potatoes. While you wait for your made to order burger to cook in the open kitchen you can munch on cooked salted peanuts and leave notes of praise on a public bulletin board, Five Guys is consistently ranked as the best burger in DC by Washingtonian Magazine. Five Guys also has a Redskins connection, after establishing his own chain of Frankly Fries establishments after retiring, all time Redskins scoring leader and kicker Mark Moseley is a director of Five Guys franchise development.

Five Guys remains a mandatory part of my football Sundays.

After the gameday festivities are all said and done sometimes you cannot just go home and pass out cold fish, sometimes you need a bigass plate of greasy eggs and hash to settle things. Lucky for you there is a place in Arlington on Columbia Pike that caters to degenerate late nighters like yourselves, Bob & Edith's Diner.

Bob & Edith's is a 24 hour diner specializing in the nastiest tastiest diner food you ever had, hotcakes, sausage, corned beef hash and eggs any way you want them. Meatloaf, fried chicken and burgers are on the menu as well but if you can stand the wait to get in on a busy latenight then that is not what you are there for. The hash browns do not need salt but you will dose them up anyway.


When you come to a Redskins game, bring your tailgating tradition because we need it. Drop a comment here and let us know where you like to go after the game. Thanks to Fan Foodie for inviting me over and see you around teh webs!

All uncredited photos by me or of me.

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BallHype: hype it up!

City: New Brunswick, New Jersey
Foodie: Dan Levy, On The DL

Venue: Rutgers Stadium
Team: Rutgers Scarlet Knights
Address: 1 Scarlet Knight Way, Piscataway, NJ 08854

Dan's Taste

With Rutgers playing in the hilariously named Bowl today (note to all companies wanting to spend their advertising dollars on Bowl sponsorships, we know we can add ‘.com’ to the end of your business and find you online. Or there’s Google. You sell pizza, I don’t care if you have a blog, or whatever), I have been asked to shed a little light on the greatest food invention on four wheels – The Grease Trucks.

New Jersey is known for mobile foodstuffs. From the Corner Dogs in Atlantic City to Mister Softee trucks jingling down the block on hot summer days, we sure love our transportation provisions in the Garden State. Which is why the Grease Trucks, located on College Ave. in New Brunswick, N.J., are a must visit any time you find yourself in Hub City.

Back in the mid 1990s the Grease Trucks were legendary around the state. Any high-schooler who had a friend at Rutgers would visit on weekends just to brag to your friends that you had a Fat Cat. Seriously, we did this. The stories were as good as the food. The Grease Trucks never closed. Then, we heard they closed just one hour per day (usually between 5 and 6 am) to de-grease, presumably both the grills and the grillers, before the morning rush. With the fraternities just a block away, there was never a shortage of drunken hilarity at the Trucks. Which is why in the late 1990’s Rutgers legislated stricter hours, first forcing the trucks to close at 3am, one hour after the bars close, to eventually 2am. Which is just insane. Feeling the squeeze, some of the more successful Truck owners rented space on Easton Ave. to avoid the limitations put on by Rutgers and stay open as long as they want. By the turn of the century, there was talk about getting rid of the trucks altogether. To this day there are discussions about squeezing the Trucks out of town. But of all my years at Rutgers, nothing was better than stumbling out of a bar at closing and ordering a Fat Cat at 2:00 a.m. from a guy in a truck calling me buddy. And nothing ever will be.

Hey Buddy

There is one rule at the Grease Trucks. Do. Not. Make. Eye. Contact. If you have your favorite truck, keep your head down until you get there. Don’t acknowledge the other truck owners or they will suck you in. Their powers of persuasion know no bounds. They have photos of all their patrons, mostly the good looking ones wearing little clothing. They always ALWAYS call you buddy. ‘You’re not my buddy. Jimmy is my buddy. I just want a sandwich over from him.’ Jimmy doesn’t know who the hell I am, but he’s convinced me he does. That’s how they getcha. Oh, the awkwardness when you would wait six deep in line at your favorite truck when the truck next door had no customers. And you know what, the food all tasted the same. Fantastic.

The Food

So what do they sell at these Grease Trucks anyway? Well, everything for one. But let’s start with the sandwiches. The most famous sandwich of all is the Fat Cat. Two cheeseburgers, lettuce, tomato, onions, ketchup, mustard and fries all inside a long roll and wrapped in delicious tin foil. Yes, I’m certain that 20% of all Grease Truck patrons have eaten the foil at one point in their time at Rutgers. Simple. Brilliant. The Fat Cat. And it started at Fat Revolution.

Fat Cat

There’s the Fat Moon. The Fat Koko. The Fat Sam. There’s the Fat Darrell, which is some concoction of mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, fries and marinara sauce. There’s the Fat Bitch, which Rutgers brass made the trucks change. Funny in that when the Lebanese proprietors of most of the trucks pronounce the word, it sounds like “Beach” and thusly was born the Fat Beach. There’s been the Fat Dyke and Fat Filipino (both nixed by Rutgers). Basically, if you can think of something to put inside a long roll – sub roll, hoagie roll, whatever – it can be a Fat Something. And it’s all delicious.

Darrell Butler with his namesake.

More than just Fat

The Grease Trucks offer so much more than these scrumptious yet heavy, hard-to-eat-in-one-sitting-unless-you-are-four-sheets-to-the-wind sandwiches. They have breakfast. Order an egg and cheese while waiting for the bus in the morning and count how many seconds it takes for them to get out the question “salt, pepper, ketchup?” My estimation: negative three seconds. They have gyros. Not “jai-roh.” No. They have ‘yee-roh”. And they are delicious with or without “the hot-a-sauce.” But if you’re in a rush, and just need some gum or crackers or a drink or some Phillies Blunts (rumor had it you could get some different blunts if you went to the right trucks) the Trucks are a one-stop-shop for all quenching or satiating needs.

In all my years working at Rutgers, I always asked why we didn’t get the trucks to park outside the gate and split the profits with them every game. I’m sure the concessionaires wouldn’t want that, but if it’s about serving the fan base, that’s the only way to go. To get from the stadium to the trucks it’s at least one bus and, after a game, at least 25 minutes. Sure the trucks are a stoner’s throw away from all the bars, tons of apartments, houses and dorms, but it’s not where the action is on game day. My suggestion: bring the trucks to football games. Split the money with the school. It might be the only way to save them.

Where to watch the game

If you’re talking about food, yes the trucks are the place to get it. But what about drink? What about a place to watch the game? That’s the thing about Rutgers. It’s huge. There are 35,000 people somewhere around all the campuses. But you find your niche. You find your local spot and make your friends. For me, that place was the Olive Branch. I lived there, some nights literally. I’ve stayed friends with the owners and bartenders. They always know your name there. Hell, I wrote a book about my life there, sitting down during happy hour with my laptop and a pitcher of beer every night until the younger crowd came in around 9pm. Yes, this was before blogs.

Fans watching at Olive Branch.

Well, with at least five huge flat-panel TVs and people who care as much about Rutgers Football as those on the field, the Olive Branch is your place to go watch a game. Hell, watch today’s game there. And if you’re there, order one of their Famous Dirty Sandwiches. Basically, they are great sandwiches like chicken tenders soaked in buffalo sauce or topped with cheddar, jalapenos and salsa, all put on garlic bread. Or, if you want regular bread, order it Clean. I’ll consider the Clean Sandwich my personal legacy. But if you do go, order a Dirty Levy just to see if they still remember me. (note: the Dirty Levy was the nickname for the original Dirty Sandwich, but with cheese bread instead of Garlic. That’s what started the Clean option. Who needs garlic bread breath all night, right?).

Whether it’s today, this month or sometime soon, get to New Brunswick. And grab yourself a Fat Bitch while you’re there. Go Rutgers.

Tell us about your favorite Grease Truck memories in the comments.

Grease Truck photo: Mike Tigas' photostream
Fat Darrell: AP File Photo
Olive Branch Fans: Aaron Houston

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BallHype: hype it up!

City: Phoenix, Arizona
Foodie: Matt Blake,
Venues: Chase Field & US Airways Center
Teams: Phoenix Suns (NBA), Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB), Arizona Rattlers (AFL), Phoenix Mercury (WNBA) & Phoenix Roadrunners (ECHL)
Address: East Jefferson Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85001

Matt's Taste:

Phoenix, Arizona - What used to be a lackluster downtown area for years, has officially made a comeback…And with the addition of the new Phoenix Light Rail system opening up in late December, it is only going to get better. In fact there are already blogs dedicated to food in downtown Phoenix. So while they focus on the all food downtown, I will focus on the best of the best around my two favorite places in town: Chase Field and the US Airways Center. Lets do this:


Named for none other than Dan Majerle, former Phoenix Sun, Marjerle's is a great place for anything from pre-game drinks, lunch during the week and…of course…watching your Phoenix Suns on the Road. My personal favorite: the Rojo Diablo. Yum Yum. And did I mention that they also have a location in Chandler?

Friday's Front Row

There is no other restaurant in town that beats out Friday's Front Row for stadium views. The reason being: it is located inside Chase Field. The best part about Friday's is that you can actually catch a Diamondbacks game from a table perched high above Left Field.

Friday's Front Row is most famous for Mark McGuire's bombshell batting practice homer that knocked out a light on "R" of the Friday's sign. And they left the sign un-repaired for the remainder of the season….Now was that '99 or '00?

Jackson's on Third

Well, the food ain't great here, but it's got the best value for the area and is located and hop and a skip from both Chase and US Air. The great part about Jackson's is that there is always plenty of room and an outdoor patio to boot. You can sure get lost, but you won't have to worry about missing the game.

Alice Cooperstown

If you feel the need to rock, you need to go to Alice Cooperstown. Named after Arizona resident and legendary shock rocker Alice Cooper. But really, this place is as much a ball park joint as any I've seen. Two items should say everything you need to know about Cooperstown: 'The Big O' Onion Rings & 'The Big Unit' Hot Dog.

Stoudemire's Downtown

Named for none other than….Amare Stoudemire. Want to know where all of the high-ups at the Phoenix Suns are eatin' their lunch? It's at Stoudemire's Downtown. They actually have things on the menu called: ENTRÉES. Plus on top of that they get the occasional celebrity appearance or three.

Among the most recent guests are NFL Eagles Quarterback Donovan McNabb, ESPN Columnist Rick Reilly, and restaurant namesake, part owner and Suns star Amare Stoudemire. They are just a few of the playoff celebrity sightings at Stoudemires.

Coach and Willie's

Nestled between the railroad and the best free parking spots near Chase Field and US Airways, is the always packed Coach and Willie's. The food is always solid and the service is fast. I love this place because it is always packed and lively. It is also located a pinch off the beaten path, so many people don't know about it. I've tried many times to meet up with people who can't even find it….Fun times at Coach and Willie's.

Pizzeria Bianco

Want something gourmet and damn good? You need to head down to Pizzeria Bianco. This nationally acclaimed pizza is seriously THE BEST that you can get on the west coast. That is for sure. I have been to the place twice and it was packed both times. Lines start up outside the restaurant before it even opens. You have to time it right, but to get there before a game can be a great night out. Highly recommended!


Ah yes, we had to have some Mexican in here didn't we? And Matador is the place to go for some good authentic Mexican food. I recommend the enchiladas.

Tee Pee Tap Room

The Tee Pee Tap Room is located just south of Chase Field and has some more great authentic Mexican food near the stadiums. Can't say it was my cup of "Tee," but my friends sure love the place.


So that is downtown Phoenix ballpark/arena dining for you. There are many good options, from gourmet to cabaret. The bottom line is that you can't go wrong with a visit to downtown Phoenix. I didn't even get into ball park food, but that is pretty run of the mill. Enjoy and feel free to add your own favorites that I may have missed!

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BallHype: hype it up!

City: Syracuse, New York
Foodie: Brian Harrison, Orange::44

Carrier Dome
Address: Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York 13244
Team: Syracuse Orange (NCAA)

Brian's Taste

There are two main areas in Syracuse that are musts when you visit, as well as several other areas with hidden gems of Syracuse signature restaurants. You really cannot go wrong no matter where you go, so it really depends on what you are up to that day as to where you go.

M Street

M Street, or Marshall Street, is the main street with restaurants and bars about one block from campus, and about five minutes from the center of campus, The Quad. There are several delicious options there for food no matter what your mood is. This is the area where most people hang out and tailgate on football game days as well. I'll cover food first.

El Saha – The most delicious pita happens to be the cheapest on Marshall Street. With delicious options to cram in your pita, an entertaining staff, and usually South Park or Family Guy on the television, this is where you want to stop for a pita, especially after the bars close. Chances are there is not too long of a line either.

Pita Pit – This restaurant is technically a chain, but it is really only around college campuses, so you have probably never heard of it or barely remember it from your own undergrad days. It is slightly more pricy, but they offer a few more toppings, an artsy menu, and everything is amazing with bacon, much like life.

Jimmy John's – The smells are free, but sadly the subs are not. This sandwich shop is delicious however, despite being a fairly well know chain. Their bread is baked fresh, the staff is bizarre, and now they do not use the till money to buy drugs (the previous owner was indicted for doing just that). I recommend the Lulu, or if you are drunk and adventurous, the "Buzz Shaw", an Italian Nightclub and a Bloody Mary (Bloody Mary not available [Named in honor of our previous Chancellor who had the reputation of being a booze hound]).

Augie's Pizza – This is the perfect place to grab a slice of pizza after you exit the bars at 2:00am. Probably because it is the only one open that late. They offer cheese slices for $1.25. Get two if you are really hungry, because one will not do. Just do not mess with the staff, they will not hesitate to kick you out, and a fight may break out in front. I may still be banned for life if it is the same staff there.

Cosmo's Pizza – A classic joint that has a greasy diner feel. Their pizza is good, but I would go for any number of other choices they offer. This is the prefect place to grab breakfast before a game, or a classic breakfast with parents who appreciate that kind of thing. This was my Dad's favorite place on the Hill. Finish the deal with a THB (toasted honey bun) and a scoop of vanilla.

Varsity Pizza – The best cheese steak on the hill. They also have many other tasty choices, plenty of tables, and tasty pizza. Tradition has it that if the football team wins, the band comes directly from the Dome and they flip the opposing team's banner upside down on the wall. This place is always busy, especially on game days. However, various hospital workers frequent this establishment on their lunch breaks all the time, as there are two hospitals within a block of M Street.

Aladdin's – This place offers several natural and organic choices, for the more health conscious. It also has a distinctive Middle Eastern flair. I've only ever eaten here a handful of times but it hasn't really disappointed me. The desserts are fantastic here as well.

Acropolis Pizza – They have subs and the usual pizza parlor fare. Nothing too remarkable here. Why go here when you can just go to Cosmo's though. The upside is that they do serve alcohol.

Faegan's Pub – For something a little more upscale, this is probably the place you should be. With a multitude of salads, burgers, wraps, and sandwiches you have plenty of options. Also, with over 40 beers on tap, you can find something to go with any meal. More on this portion right now.

Speaking of alcohol, there are several bars in the M Street area. All of which I have been to at some point in my life, and being an individual that enjoys an adult beverage or two now and then, take my word on this stuff.

Faegan's Pub – The gold standard in Marshall Street Bars. With over 40 beers on tap and bartenders that are skilled in the craft of making drinks and shots, this is where most alumni end up, game day or not. While there are not many specials on Friday, it is vastly less crowded and a much better atmosphere than the other bars on the hill. The staff is always great and you will not be disappointed. Say hi to Guy the Bartender for me and tell him Mr. Harrison sent you.

Chuck's – What could best be described as a hole in the wall, this is the dive bar on the hill. Graffiti covers the walls, but the pitchers flow well here. During Friday Happy Hour pitchers are $3/5, and while they do not have a vastly impressive menu, their fries do the trick. This bar gets awfully crowded with bitchy undergrads wearing pink shirts and popped collars. If that is your cup of tea then this is your bar. This is a fun place to watch a game however.

Lucy's Retired Surfer Bar – No one that is not a staff member should really enter this place.

Maggie's – The new Maggie's is located below the Student Choice Market. I've been down in it but never really drank there. It has a lot of new HiDef televisions and a "VIP" section. It could be fun, but enter at your own risk. Unless you were in a sorority. Then game on. Clearly you will run into some douche frat guys here, so again if that is your jam then do it.

Harry's – This bar has a small place in my heart, as my father's cousin was Harry. However, he long sold the bar before I got to the hill so no free drinks for me. This bar is ideal for MNF watching and eating wings. However, chances are you will not be in town on Monday. Not a bad option for a bar choice though. It is solid with decent food and probably not a big crowd.

The Sheraton Hotel – While I would not stay here all night, they do have free wings and pizza for a couple hours starting at five. If you are a broke alumni, or just some guy in town looking for a free ride, maybe you should start out here. It is not a bad hotel bar, and you very well might be staying there as it is one of the two bars on the hill.

So that is M Street in a nut shell. If you are up for a game, chances are this is where you will end up before, after, or both. But this is not the end of the culinary adventure in the city of Syracuse. The next big area that is a must to visit is Armory Square in downtown Syracuse.

Armory Square

This is about ten minutes from the hill, and is where the night life not near campus is located. Syracuse fun fact: Syracuse, New York is where the shot clock for basketball was invented. Therefore, there is a perpetual shot clock counting down in Armory Square. Surely, if you get drunk you will count it down with your friends.

Pastabilities – A bit more upscale than most places downtown, it is a favorite of many folks on the hill. While not my favorite, there are plenty of tasty options on the menu, and it is conveniently located near all of your favorite downtown bars. Their appetizers are fantastic and their pasta is world class, with a variety of sauces to choose from.

Empire Brewing Company – A small underground restaurant that has a small but somewhat fancy menu. They brew their own beer and can pair it with any meal you choose which is also very nice. They are known for their burgers, or if you are feeling frugal the Chicken Po' Boy.

Syracuse Suds – This bar also makes their own beer and has an extensive sports bar type menu. The appetizers are very good here and they serve some great steaks as well. Finish it off with some homemade root beer. They have plenty of televisions so any game you want to watch you probably can.

Kitty Hoynes
– This is a traditional Irish pub and restaurant in the heart of the Armory Square area. They usually have traditional Irish music playing, both on tape and live. This is a nice traditional pub with good food, and a great place to have a Guinness.

There are other bars and restaurants in the area, but they are pretty pedestrian compared to the ones listed above. However there are bars in the area that are fantastic.

Daisy Dukes/Vinyl – This country bar has beer and liquor. They also have a bull to ride, which can be outstanding if there are cute ladies up for it. Be warned though, one of their bouncers was recently arrested for assault, so be on your best behavior. Attached to it is Vinyl, a pretentious dance club that looks exactly like you think it does in your head. If dancing is your thing, you can head over there and do so.

Mully'sMulrooney's Pub is an Irish bar is undistinguishable in every way. They have booze and you don't. Who's more Irish?

PJ Dorsey's – This is a fun little bar with room, dancing, and a favorite of mine as I spent my 21st birthday there. Nothing too remarkable about it, but again, they have drinks and you want some. They do have several machines that chill various liquors that you will then take as a shot as well. This is a kind of middle of the road bar that will usually have a decent crowd.

The Blue Tusk – This is the most expensive place downtown, but it could be worth it if you enjoy rare brews and an upscale atmosphere. A LOT of beers on tap, including local brews from Middle Ages Brewery. Also, the back room is the perfect place to sit down, enjoy the company of friends, and some fine ales.

Bar – This is an upscale place with a dress code and loud music. It is also very dark. Perfect for being sketchy if you are into that sort of thing. The bartenders know what they are doing, so you'll be good to go. This would not be my first choice though.

The Limerick Pub
– This is a fairly Irish place, with plenty of big pint glasses and several choices in imported bottled beers.

Awful Al's – This is the only establishment that lets you smoke inside because it is a cigar bar. They offer numerous beers and liquors, and they sell numerous cigars for your smoking pleasure, if that is your sort of thing.

Awful Al's Wall of Whiskey

Empire Brewing Company – This is also a quite place to enjoy some freshly brewed local beers. I recommend the Blueberry Wheat. This is a nice underground place that is a great place to chill and talk with friends.

So those are the main areas, but there are several places that are worth knowing that are some of my favorite places.

Tully's – Located on Erie Blvd. and in Liverpool this is the ultimate sports bar in Syracuse. With a shit ton of TV's, excellent food ranging from appetizers to dinners, and the best chicken tenders (Tully's Tenders) in Syracuse, this will surely cure your hunger, especially if you want to watch a game. They also have outstanding desserts. Definitely a Syracuse original that I would highly recommend to any out-of-towner.

Spaghetti Warehouse
– Located north of downtown, this restaurant has a seemingly endless dining room, and a lot of pasta options. There is rarely a wait, and in my opinion this is the place for Italian in the city. Pretty much anything is good, but feel free to ask the wait staff, because they know what they are talking about. Especially tasty when dining with friends in the trolley car.

Zebb's – Way out in Mattydale just off I-81 about 15 minutes north of Syracuse, it is a hidden gem. I feel like not many SU kids know about this one. It has a diner feel, with most standard American fare. They have a "Build Your Own Burger Bar", you can get shots of vanilla, cherry, or chocolate flavor in your cola, and they have the definitive appetizer menu in the Syracuse area. In the mood for alcohol? Try the mojito. I don't think it's a gay drink. Moooooo-heeeeeeeee-tooooooooo. Also, if you are allergic to nuts, stay away from the cookies. Bastards.

Now we come to the pinnacle of Syracuse dining. My very favorite, and probably most famous, restaurant in Syracuse.

Dinosaur BBQ – The most famous of all the Syracuse eateries. Without a doubt, the best BBQ you can get in all of Upstate New York. Syracuse is the original location and also the most colorful. You can easily see numerous bikers out front if the weather is nice. Enjoy the "Big Ass Pork Plate" which is their famous pulled pork, or sample the two best meals with a House Special of a quarter rack of ribs and a quarter chicken. The sides are also especially delicious and if salt potatoes are on the specials it is a must. They also have phenomenal corn bread. They play blues music, usually host live music in the evenings, and it will be the best meal you have in Syracuse guaranteed.

So there you have it. This is your complete guide to food and drink in Syracuse. There are some outstanding eating and drinking establishments, but my usuals are Faegan's Pub on the hill, Dinosaur, Tully's, or Spaghetti Warehouse for food, and I usually rotate when I drink downtown depending on who I am with. However, anything on this list you simply cannot go wrong with. If I didn't list it here, it is most likely not worth knowing about. Any further questions about the places in Syracuse, feel free to e-mail me at Good eating and go Orange!

El Saha photo credit:
Jimmy John's:
thedysh's photostream
Varsity Pizza; Chuck's:
Blue Tusk:
Awful Al's:

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BallHype: hype it up!