City: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Foodie: Cotter, One For the Other Thumb

Venue: Heinz Field
Address: 100 Art Rooney Ave, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15212
Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

Cotter’s Taste:

If you’re eating in Pittsburgh, there are only two words you need to know – Primanti Bros. Pittsburgh’s epicurean delights pretty much begin and end with a Primantis sandwich; one of perhaps the most formidable culinary foes known to man. With your choice of meat and cheese, each sandwich is layered with french fries, cole slaw, tomatoes and love, making the sandwich approximately the same diameter as Romeo Crennel’s waistline, or alternatively, the planet Neptune (same thing, really). Be sure to wash this beast down with a cold IC Light.

Now, as far as nightlife goes, the two words you need to know are – Carson Street. Carson St. is home to just about every bar and club worth spending time in, within the City limits. I recommend Mario’s South Side Saloon. Go on Monday night for the Jeff Reed Show. You will not be disappointed (…that’s what she said). Also be sure to wash this party down with a cold IC Light…or 10. And if you’re feeling really adventurous, you could always hit Saddle Ridge in Station Square. You know, if, mechanical bulls are your thing.

And finally, because I really want you all to have the full Pittsburgh experience, be sure to listen for Pittsburghese expressions like, “Dahntahn,” and “Yinz,” as in – “Ahr yinz gahn dahntahn a watcha Stillers?” You think I’m joking? Waydilyaearferyerself! Oh, and that statue at the airport – that’s Franco Harris. On the right, you’ve got George Washington. George Washington…and FRANCO HARRIS. That ought to tell you almost everything you need to know about Pittsburgh.

Stadium photo credit: ESPN
Franco: Spuddy42’s photostream

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  1. joseph burrell // June 18, 2013 at 7:57 PM  

    I got a friend from Pittsburgh and she told me they have the best hamburgers in the country, I gotta go visit her and try it myself, but I need to write some articles for Hostpph for the next couple of months